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Screw conveyor

screw conveyor


Spiral conveyor is a kind of machinery that uses an electric motor to drive a spiral to rotate and move materials for conveying. In terms of conveying form, it can be divided into shafted spiral conveyor and shaftless spiral conveyor. In terms of appearance, it can be divided into U-shaped spiral conveyor and tube-shaped spiral conveyor. The shafted spiral conveyor is suitable for non-sticky dry powder materials and small particle materials, while the shaftless spiral conveyor is suitable for conveying sticky and easily entangled materials. The spiral blades welded on the rotating shaft of the spiral conveyor have different surface types such as solid surface type, belt surface type, and blade surface type according to different conveyed materials.

1.Reliable operation and easy maintenance management;
2.Compact size, small cross-sectional size, and small footprint;
3.It can achieve sealed transportation, which is conducive to the transportation of easily scattered, hot, and strongly odorous materials, and can reduce environmental pollution;
4.Convenient loading and unloading;
5.Reliable quality and stable performance.

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