Kitchen waste treatment equipment


Food waste treatment system

Equipment Introduction:

1.The food waste pretreatment system consists of collection bins, screw conveyors, bag breakers, sorting machines, magnetic separators, conveyors, shredders, presses, and other equipment. The collection vehicle unloads the food waste into the collection bin. The screw conveyor at the bottom of the bin sends the food waste to the subsequent processing stages, completing the food waste pretreatment process. The pretreatment equipment can separate the food waste into oil and water mixtures, biodegradable organic matter, and other waste.
2.The oil-water separation system consists of heating and temperature control equipment, oil-water separation equipment, and other components. The oil-water mixture is heated and then sent to the oil-water separation equipment. The mixture can be separated into oil, water, and residue. The oil can be sold as raw material for biofuel production, and its value is relatively high.
3.Solid organic matter and residue are sent to the biological harmless treatment system, where biocatalysts are added. Operating parameters are set according to technical requirements to provide suitable conditions for the degradation of organic matter.
4.The exhaust gas treatment system consists of a collector, conveying pipeline, scrubber, activated carbon box, fan, and other equipment, which are used to treat the odors produced during the food waste processing process and discharge the treated air according to regulatory requirements.

Performance features:

1.Large processing capacity and high processing efficiency;
2.Centralized processing with low operating costs;
3.Complete supporting facilities;
4.Easy management and operation.


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