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Solid liquid separator

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Solid liquid separator

equipment introduction

The helical extruding solid-liquid separating machine is a new type of mechanical dewatering equipment developed by our company with our own research and development and manufacturing experience of dewatering equipment.Spiral extrusion type solid-liquid separator is mainly composed of control cabinet, pipeline, body, screen, extrusion dragon, deceleration motor, counterweight, unloading device and other parts, this equipment is widely used, and has been recognized by the majority of users in the market.


Working Principle

The fundamental principle of screw press solid liquid separator is by screw pressing the material to separate the liquid from the solid material . The equipment consists of screen,screw conveyor, reduction motor, discharge device etc. When the material is pumped through the host to solid liquid separator, the equipment starts. The screw conveyor pushes the material towards the front of the equipment body and meanwhile with the increasing pressure, the material will be dewatered and the liquid will flow into the pool after being filtered by screen. The quipment works continuously and the raw material will be continuously pumped into the equipment body when it works. When the pressure of the front increases to some extent, the discharge outlet will open and the dewatered material will be pushed out from the discharge outlet. You can adjust the control box in the front of the equipment to adjust the speed of discharge and water content. 


Why Choose Us


01 Small investment, quick return

The equipment has low volume and low rotation speed with high efficiency. It’s simple to operate and convenient to install and cost-effective which means no need to add additional flocculant.


02Low Power Consumption,High Capacity

It’s small, fully sealed, environment friendly and easy to maintain with high level of automation. It’s suitable for continuous operation. The key components are made of stainless steel. The equipment weighs nearly a half of ton but the size is small.


03 Low Water Content of Discharge

For pig manure, cow manure, pulp of paper mill, distillery lees, the dehydration effect is good, the treated materials have low water content.


04 The Discharge Can be Used as Farmland Fertilizer

The discharged solid materials will be dry with no odour and no percolate during storage. They are easy to store and transfer, which can improve the air environment of the livestock farms. They can also be diluted for reuse water or water fertilizer, which can be effectively absorbed by the field corps.


Equipment selection parameters








Sludge pump

3kw 1450r/min

3kw 1450r/min

Mesh diameter

200 mm

280 mm


15-20 M³/H

20-30 M³/H

Feed port diameter



Overflow port diameter



Drain diameter (water outlet)










Main parts 304 stainless steel

Main parts 304 stainless steel


Equipment installation diagram

Equipment installation diagram

Solid-liquid separator in use

Solid-liquid separator in use

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