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The structure of the screw press

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screw press

Features of screw press machine:

1. Reasonable structural design: This machine is absolutely assembled with stainless steel and food-safe plastic. The frame structure is compact and occupies a small area. Sturdy and sturdy, easy to maintain, all the rollers are well arranged, and the position of the frequently operated part is low, the overall structure is neat and beautiful.

2. Filter flushing technology: the water ejected from the nozzles used in the mesh belt flushing system is fan-shaped, which greatly reduces the water consumption of flushing water. The specially designed filter cleaner can clean the nozzles synchronously when the belt juicer is running. .

3. Reliable operation performance: The deviation correction of this machine uses an electromagnetic induction valve connected to the cylinder, which is controlled nearby, with fast response, unilateral deviation correction of the filter belt, quick reset, low action frequency of the whole system, and small deviation correction range.

4. The electronic control system is equipped with a complete interlocking protection device to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole machine operation and effectively prevent damage to the whole machine caused by wrong actions.

Screw press is a kind of equipment for dehydration through physical extrusion, generally composed of drive system, feed box, screw winch, screen, retention equipment, water collection tank, frame and so on. Choose different spiral and screen structures for different materials to achieve high-efficiency dehydration, no leakage, no shaft, less damage, save secondary recycling and processing costs for material dehydration, and improve the service life of the equipment.

During the dehydration process, the material enters the equipment from the feed box. Under the rotation of the screw winch, the material is transported to the discharge port. In the structural design, the extrusion pressure of the screw is gradually increased by changing the screw spacing and the diameter of the dragon shaft. The material is pressed layer by layer, and the excess water is discharged from the discharge port through the screen. Through the special feeding design, avoid material blockage during transportation. After dehydration, the material continues to advance under the drive of the screw winch, and the second stage of extrusion dehydration is completed under the resistance of the blocking device. The cutting unit opens at the top and exits the device through the discharge opening.

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