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The dehydration effect of the screw press is good

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screw press

The working principle of the screw press machine:

The drive reducer drives the blades and the extrusion dehydrator is composed of a pressure spiral, a spiral tube, transmission parts, a feed hopper and a discharge hopper. The dirt enters the spiral tube from the feed hopper, and is compressed and dehydrated to the slag discharge outlet under the influence of the extrusion screw. The shaft rotates, and the helix angle produces a forward thrust, extruding the material entering the extrusion tube, the extruded material is discharged from the outlet, and the sewage is separated and enters the drain to achieve the purpose of separation.

The screw press is a new type of efficient continuous operation drying dehydration pressing equipment, suitable for bagasse, residue, xylitol, wine tank, kitchen waste, sweet potato, fruit and vegetable, reed, livestock and poultry deoiling, straw pulp, wood pulp, Raw materials such as straw and bamboo pulp are concentrated and dehydrated. It can also be used for concentration and dehydration of bleached pulp, extrusion concentration and dehydration of waste paper pulp, hydraulic pulp, concentration and dehydration of deinked pulp, and extrusion dehydration of pulp after rinsing. Compared with traditional dehydration methods (vacuum filtration, centrifugal filtration, frame filtration), it has the advantages of large processing capacity, low energy consumption, low labor intensity, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Compared with similar dehydration methods at home and abroad, it has the advantages of high degree of automation, ingenious conception, large processing capacity and good dehydration effect.

How to install the screw press correctly?

1. Site selection requirements

Flat and stable ground: The screw press needs to be placed on a flat and stable ground to ensure the stability and normal operation of the equipment. Avoid places with unstable, muddy or obvious slopes.

Well-ventilated place: The place where the screw press is installed should have good ventilation conditions so as to remove the heat and exhaust gas generated during the operation of the equipment and maintain the circulation of indoor air.

2. Infrastructure requirements

Solid foundation: The screw press needs to be built on a solid foundation to ensure that the equipment does not shake or tilt during operation. The design and construction of the foundation should be reasonably planned according to the weight and vibration characteristics of the equipment to avoid problems caused by foundation settlement or unevenness.

Anti-shock measures: The screw press will generate certain vibrations during operation. In order to reduce the impact of vibration on the equipment and the surrounding environment, anti-vibration pads or shock absorbers can be installed around the equipment to effectively reduce vibration transmission.

3. Electrical connection requirements

Power supply: Make sure that the power supply of the screw press meets the requirements of the equipment, such as voltage and frequency. The power wiring should comply with relevant electrical safety regulations, and should be installed and tested by professionals.

Grounding protection: The screw press needs good grounding protection to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The grounding of the equipment should meet the electrical safety standards, and the grounding resistance should meet the requirements.

Proper installation is critical to the proper operation and safety of your screw press. The site selection requires a flat and stable ground and good ventilation conditions, the infrastructure construction requires a solid foundation and appropriate shockproof measures, and the electrical connection requires compliance with electrical safety regulations and good grounding protection. Following these installation requirements can ensure the stable operation of the screw press and improve the service life and safety of the equipment.

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