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​Performance characteristics of solid-liquid separator

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solid-liquid separator

Performance characteristics of solid-liquid separator:

1. Fully automatic

Cow manure/pig manure is pumped to the solid-liquid separator through the non-clogging submerged pump that is equipped with the equipment, and then the auger gradually pushes the manure water to the front of the machine, and at the same time continuously increases the pressure on the outer edge of the machine to force the water in the material to Under the influence of the side pressure belt filter, it is extruded out of the mesh screen and flows out of the drain.

2. Sustainability

The solid-liquid separator works continuously. The cow manure/pig manure water is continuously rising into the solid-liquid separation body, and the outer edge pressure is constantly increasing. When it reaches a certain level, open the discharge port and squeeze out the extrusion port to achieve the purpose of extruding the material.

3. Convenience

In order to control the discharge speed and water content, the balance block under the main machine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and proper discharge state. If too much cow manure/pig manure is pumped in, it will be discharged into the original cow manure/pig manure tank through the overflow pipe. The cow dung sewage separated by screw extrusion filtration can be directly sent to the biogas digester to release alcohol biogas or discharged into its sewage grit chamber.

4. Environmental protection

Dry cow manure/pig manure is extruded from the discharge port. After the solid-liquid separation, the COD and BOD in the feces are greatly reduced, which is convenient for subsequent standard discharge. The separated feces and waste water can be directly discharged to the biogas digester for biogas fermentation. The fermented dung liquid is a very good organic fertilizer liquid, and it can also be discharged into the biogas digester for environmental protection.

Precautions for using solid-liquid separator:

Pay attention to the impact of the working environment on the system, such as static electricity and high temperature. The power supply, plugs and sockets that meet the national regulations should be selected. When energized, the operator's hands must be dry to prevent electric shock. Before using the solid-liquid separator equipment, check whether the suction medium is suitable for use, and the machine must not be used in outdoor places. Turn off the power before cleaning or maintaining the vacuum cleaner.

It should not be used to absorb flammable, explosive, harmful, corrosive, volatile, and radioactive liquids and gases, nor should it be used in places with flammable and explosive dust and gases. The surface temperature of the inhaled substance should be ≤60°C. When cleaning the shell or replacing parts, the power must be turned off when changing the operating state. Check the power cord regularly for damage.

When the power cord is damaged or the machine fails, it must be replaced or repaired by the purchasing department or professionals. When not in use, store the machine in a dry and ventilated environment. During the working process of the machine, you should always pay attention to the liquid level of the liquid level display hose, so as to keep the dust collecting bucket at a safe level and keep the oil suction machine in good condition. Regularly and timely dispose of the inhaled sundries in the dust collection bucket, and keep the oil suction unit shell clean. When using solid-liquid separator products, safety must be ensured to prevent damage to the machine and personnel.

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