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Cow Manure Solid Liquid Separator

Cow Manure Solid Liquid Separator

Cow Manure Solid Liquid Separator

Cow Manure Solid Liquid Separator

Cow Manure Solid Liquid Separator

Cow Manure Solid Liquid Separator

Cow dung processing machine

Equipment Introduction Chuantai Machinery's new type of cow dung processing machine is a two-in-one cow dung processing machine developed by our company. The Chuantai cow dung processing machine can achieve all the functions of a traditional cow dung solid-liquid separation machine and a secondary cow dung pressing and dewatering machine, and one machine can replace two machines and two-step processing in traditional processes. The Chuantai cow dung processing machine is a device that uses physical extrusion to dehydrate cow dung. The equipment consists of a driving system, a feeding box, a spiral auger, a screen, a back pressure blocking device, a collection tank, a frame, and other parts. The cow dung is transported into the equipment by a matching pump, and under the transportation of the spiral auger, it is gradually squeezed with increasing pressure. The excess water is discharged through the liquid outlet via the screen, while the dehydrated material continues to be transported by the spiral auger, and is discharged from the equipment through the discharge outlet after passing through the blocking device. Our company's cow dung processing machine has gone through hundreds of accurate theoretical calculations and experimental tests, and has been upgraded into a series of mature equipment based on the real feedback from numerous users during the use process. It truly achieves low energy consumption, high output, and low moisture content, and reduces costs for cow dung processing and secondary utilization.


Equipment parameters

Power supply



Filter screen


Processing capacity

Drain pipe




gear reducer





Stainless steel

carbon steel

Equipment Features


▶ One Chuantai cow dung treatment machine can complete the work of both a solid-liquid separator and a secondary squeezing dewatering machine, greatly reducing equipment investment;

▶ The Chuantai cow dung treatment machine has higher processing efficiency than traditional machines;

▶ It saves equipment footprint and reduces investment in supporting equipment;

▶ It significantly reduces equipment operating costs.

2.Low energy consumption Compared to traditional solid-liquid separation machines and secondary squeezing dewatering processes, it can save about 30 degrees of electricity per hour.

3.Continuous operation, large processing capacity It can continuously feed materials, and the processing capacity can reach 30m³/h. The spiral and screen are made by special technology, which is not easy to block, increases the sewage passage, and improves the efficiency of the whole machine.

4.Low water content of the slag water After the cow dung is treated, the moisture content can reach about 60%, which can be directly used to produce organic fertilizers by fermentation, or can save drying costs for making cow bedding materials.

5.Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant Cow dung contains sediment that can cause wear on the equipment. The special parts of our cow dung treatment machine are wrapped with alloy steel and can work continuously for 24 hours.

6.High degree of automation It can realize unmanned operation, continuous work, overload protection, automatic alarm, and other functions.

7.Perfect after-sales service Our company always adheres to the principle of honest operation, takes every customer seriously, strictly follows customer and contract requirements to ensure that the ordered equipment is of high standard and high quality. The company provides professional technical support, program design, 24-hour after-sales response, and solves worries for every user.

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