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Definition of screw press

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screw press

Advantages and features of screw press:

1. Various design schemes, simple structure and customizable.

2. Conical extruder screw is selected, with large production capacity and high juice yield.

3. High efficiency, energy saving, low noise and low energy consumption.

4. The equipment material is 304 stainless steel.

Appropriate Material Analysis Judgment Method: Hold the material firmly. If the liquid can drain from between the fingers, the sediment stays on the palm, even a little, and the material is fine for our presses. Although some materials are very fine, they cannot catch the slag, and the extrusion molding separation equipment can also be dehydrated.

The screw press consists of a silo, a pressing screw, a spiral tube, a slag discharge tube and a transmission system. The sieve residue or filtered filter residue taken out from the screen enters the spiral tube through the feed hopper, and is dehydrated by pressure screw extrusion. Through the filter screen, the water squeezed out from the material is collected into the water receiving tank and discharged from the drain pipe. After the material is compressed, it is discharged from the drain pipe, which can greatly reduce the weight and volume of debris such as grid slag. The press dehydrator is composed of a drainage part, a feeding part, a screw conveying part and a discharging part. The screen residue is discharged into the material area, and the final screen residue is pressed out by the screw press equipment, and the waste water is discharged into the water collection pipe through the screen residue.

Operation and maintenance of screw press:

1. It is suitable for the screw dryer of the reducer, and the lubricating oil of the reducer needs to be replaced regularly. Check oil level in oil window weekly. If the lubricating oil level is lower than the oil window, add lubricating oil in time.

Each replacement cycle is 6 months. Every time the lubricating oil is changed, the old lubricating oil should be thoroughly cleaned and new lubricating oil added. Before the equipment is closed for a long time (suitable for fruit and vegetable juicing industry, fruit juice processing industry), it must be replaced with new lubricating oil.

2. Use the hydraulic motor screw dryer, replace the hydraulic oil once a year. And clean the hydraulic oil filter.

3. Before shutting down after each operation cycle, it should be idling for 30 minutes to discharge the residue in the extrusion cavity and clean it with a high-pressure water gun.

4. It should be idling for 10 minutes each time it is started, and check whether the equipment is running normally. If there is any abnormal sound, immediately shut down and check, and restart after confirming that the problem is cleared.

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