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How to maintain the solid-liquid separator daily?

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 solid-liquid separator

How to maintain the solid-liquid separator daily?

1. Clean the motor bearing every 500 hours and add molybdenum disulfide grease;

2. When not in use for a long time, the delivery pump and the main engine should be cleaned and stored indoors to prevent the motor from rusting and getting damp;

3. In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, regular inspection and maintenance are required, and grease is added once a day during machine activities, or lubricating oil is added once a day.

What are the general causes of the bearing heating of the solid-liquid separator?

First of all, users should pay attention to the smoothness of the machine and choose good high-temperature lithium-based grease, because the difference of lithium-based grease is also another reason for bearing heating. If during the inspection process, mechanical friction will be accompanied by noise, mechanical parts will be significantly worn, and the bearing will be loose, it should be a bearing problem, and the bearing needs to be replaced.

2. The concentricity of the main shaft tends to be large, and the force on the bearing is uneven, which easily causes the bearing to heat up.

3. Whether the concentricity of the main shaft of the solid-liquid separator is accurate. Under normal circumstances, people do not pay much attention to the concentricity. The concentricity of the main shaft tends to be large, and the heating of the bearing is very simple. When a machine is overloaded or overloaded, the spindle is stressed beyond its acceptable level, causing the bearings to heat up.

What are the types of common solid-liquid separators?

The microfiltration solid-liquid separator is designed for the characteristics of the traditional solid-liquid separator with low concentration and low slag content, no hair treatment and low treatment rate.

The inclined screen solid-liquid separator used for the separation of livestock and poultry manure mainly includes inclined plate and vibrating screen. The section shape of the sieve bar is a wedge-shaped inclined plate sieve, which has a simple structure and no competition. However, the removal rate of solid matter is reduced, generally less than 25%.

The screw extrusion solid-liquid separator is a relatively new solid-liquid separation equipment, and it is currently the equipment used in the solid-liquid separation of livestock and poultry manure. The disadvantage is that the raw manure is stirred evenly with a mixer before separation, so that a large amount of solid organic matter in the manure is dissolved in the water, making it extremely difficult to treat the waste water, and the treated water is difficult to meet the discharge standard.

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