Food waste

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Comparison Before and After Dehydration of food waste


The benefits of dehydrating food waste.

Effective Moisture Removal: The screw press machine efficiently removes moisture from food waste through its screw auger design, facilitating effective dewatering.

  1. Minimized Odor and Pollution: By reducing the moisture content in food waste, the screw press helps minimize unpleasant odors and the potential for environmental pollution during waste disposal.

  2. Cost-Efficient Operation: The mechanical squeezing process of the screw press machine requires lower energy consumption compared to traditional drying methods, contributing to cost efficiency.



Waste Reduction

Kitchen Waste,Vegetable Waste,Fruit Waste,Plastic Waste,Fungus Residue, Cassava Residue,Coffee Grounds,Chemical Industry Waste,Slaughterhouse Waste,Charcoal,Beer Lees,Baijiu Lees,Activated Carbon,Chicken/Duck/Goose Feathers,Fish,Shrimp.

Fiber Dehydration Pulp,Wood Pulp,Bamboo Pulp,Sawdust, Pasture,Corn Stalks,Rice Straw,Wheat Straw,Sugarcane.
Ingredient Extraction Hemp,Stevia,Mixed Medicine Residue,Tea Residue,Xylitol,Honeysuckle,Malt,Burdock,Tangerine Peel.
Fruit Juice Extraction Apple,Pear,Lemon,Orange,Monk Fruit,Mango,Coconut,Papaya,Pineapple,Grape.
Vegetable Juice Extraction Cabbage,Onion,Ginger,Celery,Tomato,Garlic,Beetroot,Carrot,Radish.
Livestock Farm Cow Dung

Structural Diagram



Model Motor Power Weight Processing Capacity Screw Diameter Dimension (mm)
CT-200 7.5kw
2-5m³/h 200mm 2586*770*1400
CT-300 18.5kw


5-10m³/h 300mm 4142*890*1946
CT-400 22kw
10-15m³/h 400mm 4500*1000*2003
CT-600 75kw
20-30m³/h 60mm 6600*1300*2500


Low-cost operation: The spiral press dehydrator utilizes the physical extrusion principle, requiring no additional heat source and resulting in lower energy consumption.

  1. High processing capacity: Through a special process, the spiral auger enhances axial thrust, resolving operational issues and significantly increasing processing capacity per unit of time.

  2. Low residual moisture: Engineers customize parameters based on material characteristics, reducing extruded material moisture content and enhancing physical pressing effectiveness.

  3. Wear and corrosion resistance: Key components are coated for wear resistance, and the spiral auger blades are surfaced with alloy tips. Core components are made of 304 stainless steel, extending the equipment lifespan.

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